Empowering Pregnancy Apps Every Soon-to-Be Mom Should Know About

pregnant woman in West Vancouver holding belly and smilingHave you recently discovered you are pregnant? Are you scared and confused with many questions whirling through your mind? Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming birth of your new baby, it might help to look to your smartphone for calming advice. Thanks to mobile app developers within the women’s health space, there is an increasing number of extremely helpful pregnancy tracking apps for soon-to-be moms. Check out the following collection of highly rated pregnancy apps to see which one will make it to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet:

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Pregnancy Tracker !

Offered by Sevenlogics, the Pregnancy Tracker ! app is an excellent option for moms who want to track multiple components of their pregnancy. Monitor everything from the size of your belly to your moods and weight. With hundreds of helpful articles, a pregnancy journal, and a week-by-week ‘what to expect’ interface, this is one download you won’t regret adding to your iPhone or iPad.

Glow Nurture

The Glow Nurture is another terrific option for pregnant moms, especially first-time mothers. With a handy calculator to help you estimate your due date, this application lets you track your pregnancy symptoms, track your progress, and even monitor your health once your baby has arrived. Track your breastfeeding times, your pumping schedule, and mood swings to help catch post-partum symptoms early.


Preggie is a top-rated app for moms who prefer a social connection. Preggie lets you chat with other expectant moms, share tips on everything from doctor visits to maternity wear, and post photographs sharing your pregnancy journey. If you’re looking for an app that combines helpful information on what to expect when you’re pregnant along with moral support, Preggie is definitely worth investigating.

Choosing the right app to help guide you through your pregnancy can be a tough decision. The above-listed applications have all received an excellent rating from previous users. See which one best suits your needs and then have fun documenting this incredible journey you’re on.