The Importance of Women’s Mental Health and Well-Being

Woman blowing a dandelion in West VancouverWhen the thought of women’s mental health comes to mind, oftentimes it is associated with a mental condition such as dementia, anxiety disorder, or clinical depression. The matter of the fact is that these two categories are very different than each other. Women’s mental health is extremely important and should never be put on the back burner.

Women’s mental health is an important element in one’s overall well-being and contentedness, as it maintains cognitive alternates, emotional sanity, and balance of ourselves, lives, and relationships. When one is mentally balanced and at peace with themselves internally, they are practicing good mental health.

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There are various types of women’s mental health, such as:

  • Cognitive: This type of mental health focuses on maintaining brain function which can better memory, the ability to retain information, and boost logic.
  • Emotional: It is imperative to well-being that there is balance in everyday life, both in personal and career-oriented lives. When it is accepted that there is peace with oneself, this means that one is actively exhibiting positive mental health and well-being.
  • Psychological: What this refers to is the ability to adapt to life changes, whether that means children moving out and leaving home to selling the life-long home that is so fondly loved. Through looking at the positives of these life-changing events, one is promoting well-being.

It may not be known to all, but an unhealthy mental state can lead to problems in relationships, career, and even spirituality. The state of one’s mental health has the capacity to affect many facets of everyday life without one truly knowing it. With busy life schedules and routines to adhere to, it can be tough to balance everything while still maintaining good mental health.


It is very important that time is dedicated each and every single day to focus on mental and physical well-being so that leading a life of positivity is attainable. The benefits of a positive outlook and mentality are vital to an individuals health, both mental and physical, and can reap the mental health benefits inherently. Take the time today to focus on mind, body, and soul; the benefits will be amazing.